New updates and improvements to Toolyt

  1. 25 May 2023


    New Features

    1. For better data visibility 'hierarchy-based filter' introduced along with the option to select assigned users and the option to exclude shared data in the lead and customer modules.

    2. Call logs linked with the deal module in the app.

    3. Job ID is included on the job listing page.

    4. Form ID display in deals.

    5. Lead, customer and deal IDs are now included in the approval export.

    6. Mandatory document upload setting based on the document stage has been introduced.


    1. Form submission

    2. Current pipeline report

    3. Stage analysis report

    4. Attendance

    5. Form listing

    6. Visit (Mobile app API)

    7. General form list in the app

    8. Form elements admin configuration

    9. Job submission

    10. Job notification

    11. Parallel download restriction included in lead export, current pipeline and stage analysis report.


    1. Visit module bookmark label.

    2. Tag User field validation while adding or editing a job.

    3. Pagination in the general form listing.

    4. Duplication of custom field data.

    5. Single upload restriction in document management.

    6. CC user mandatory option in deviation.

    7. Form privilege check during form exports.

    8. Job-status selection.

    9. Document management UI.

  2. 26 April 2023


    New Features

    1. Form Title as a new element has been introduced in the form module.

    2. Campaign module now includes a 'campaign report' feature. Users can now compare and contrast two campaigns.

    3. Unsubscribe option for emails.

    4. Document has been introduced in the deal and customer module.

    5. Decimal value rounding feature has been introduced in the respective form element.

    6. Two-way sync feature is introduced in document management.

    7. The channel profile and the listing page have got a new design.

    8. Recurring visits has got a new UI design.

    9. Task listing has got a new design.

    10. Distance value is now included in the branch export.

    11. Now lead, customer and deal exports will contain branch value.

    12. Subfield hiding option in DL and voter ID.

    13. Option to verify name from voter ID and DL response.


    1. Lead listing in document management filter.

    2. Deal module bookmark label.

    3. Document management fixes.

    4. Bookmark filter in leads when the campaign module is enabled.

    5. Document category selection in the filter while updating stage.

    6. Search functionality for documents in the lead profile.

    7. Submission of "Complete Job Form" without filling in mandatory details on the leads profile page.

    8. Stage and designation add, edit and approve in deal form.

    9. Restrict action on a form based on the deal stage and designation in the app.

    10. Tag users dropdown listing while editing jobs.

    11. Payment collection category and field issue.

    12. Document approval and rejection messaging in documents, lead and deal profile.

    13. Activities tab design in document management.

    14. Document settings design.

    15. Document stage workflow setting.

    16. Stage update messaging in the activity tab.

  3. 23 March 2023

    New Feature

    New Features

    1. A new module 'Campaign' has been introduced. Now users can create sales campaigns and then link leads to campaigns, and analyse performance by campaign

    2. A new leaderboard comparison feature has been introduced, now managers can compare users' performance under them.

    3. Hot, warm and cold indications are now introduced in the deal module on both the web and app.

    4. Validation: Restrict minimum and maximum value selection in the dropdown.

    5. Validation: Admin can now set up the value range in the number field element in the form module.

    6. Document management is now linked with deal and customer modules.

    7. Product details page changes in the app (more docs, Whatsapp share etc.).

    8. The export of a driving license report has been brought based on designation with stage and date filters.

    9. Users can now be tagged in a deal from the app.

    10. Task listing page has got a new UI design.

    11. Leaderboard has got a new UI.


    1. Impersonate

    2. Branch control distance calculation.

    3. Customer module bookmark

    4. 'Un-assigned' job filter in the job listing.

    5. Duplicate job entries in the job profile.

    6. Marking lost status of the lead.

  4. 2 March 2023

    New Feature

    New Features

    1. KYC verification has been upgraded on both web and app with the integration of Voter ID and Driving license verification.

    2. Users can now see their 'along with' visits under the visit calendar.

    3. Udhyam registration element introduced with validations in the form module.

    4. User module has got a new design.

    5. Masters now supports multi-selection.

    6. Users can now bulk import deals.

    7. Stage history data included in deal export.

    8. Add or edit functionality in lead and customer now supports OTP verification.

    9. Stage addition now restricts special characters and commas.

    10. Contest (sales campaign) introduced to the overview tab in the app.


    1. Document tab UI.

    2. Documents view and edit pop-up UI.

    3. Deselect functionality in the product.

    4. Open map in the job edit page.

    5. Image visibility in the broadcast.

    6. Validations in documents.

    7. Product listing in the app.

    8. Permanent and present address linking.

    9. Deviation form filter.

    10. Channel listing in the app.

    11. Payment collection, value enter max limit.

    12. Payment collection tab on the profile page.

    13. Lead and customer listing UI.

    14. Lead profile UI.

    15. User mandatory level 1 'assign to'.

  5. 10 February 2023

    New Feature

    New Features

    1. Multi-product deal journey: Now you can enable different deal stages based on the product.

    2. Now jobs can be re-assigned from the job edit menu.

    3. Clear button introduced for document or image upload fields while adding a lead or customer.


    1. Lead or customer listing filter height.

    2. Date format in lead export.

    3. Branch restriction on job reassign.

    4. Lead bulk update.

    5. Deal export.

  6. 9 February 2023


    New Features

    1. Lead and deal stage restriction based on the approval stage.

    2. Additional field elements will now be included in the form export.

    3. Deal fields now support stage and designation-wise restrictions in the app.

    4. Users can now tag deals in scheduled calls and call logs.

    5. With better visibility document category selection has been shifted to the top of the filter selection.

    6. Branch element now supports distance calculation based on branch and selected location in forms

    7. Email notification has been introduced for job completion.

    8. Job, deal and customer export now includes form values ID.

    9. Notification is introduced when a visit is not completed within 1 hour of the scheduled time.

    10. Now country code is included while adding lead and customer phone numbers.

    11. Phone numbers can now be verified through OTP.

    12. Form excel and pdf export contains level 1 and level 2 assigned users.


    1. Lead export.

    2. Approval export.


    1. Document management.

    2. Deal stage listing based on restriction while updating or reopening deals.

    3. Request document pop-up design.

    4. Search functionality label.

    5. Job status listing while updating the job.

    6. Job module design.

    7. Deep linking to user profiles from deals.

    8. Visit completion design.

    9. Job-status restriction based on the designation.

    10. Next action time and date visibility in deals - App.

    11. Functioning of deal filter in the Visit module.

    12. Display of branch in deal profile.

    13. Redirection to a user profile based on user restriction.

    14. Display of selected users when clicked on the assured box of the tagged user in jobs.

  7. 25 January 2023

    New Feature

    New Features

    1. 'Request lists' has been introduced in approval module.

    2. Payment data are now listed on the basis of privileges in app.

    3. Payment module is now linked with deal module.

    4. Customer ID is now included in the payment collection export file.

    5. Payment now supports 'loan ID' wise search functionality in app.

    6. 'Request Documents' introduced in lead profile in both web and app.

    7. Addition of extra field elements is now implemented in the app.

    8. Validation check for text field element introduced in app.

    9. Payment lists sorting introduced with new relevance's (new to old, old to new and recently updated).


    1. Show product in form settings.

    2. General filled form visibility to a user with view access.

    3. Deal fields restriction based on stage and designation.

    4. Lead and customer new search option.

    5. Disabled category functionality in document management.

    6. Lead and customer listing in Payment export.

    7. Lead listing design.

    8. Date picker in document management.

    9. Field wise restriction.

    10. Deal bulk import.

  8. 12 January 2023

    New Feature

    New Features

    1. De-dupe feature has been introduced in both web and app with the additional option to configure it by choosing forms and fields with conditional checkers.

    2. A new option has been introduced to force logout a user from the attendance module.

    3. Now users can search for payment collections using 'Loan ID'.

    4. The search functionality in the visit listing page has got some major enhancements.

    5. New UI upgrades:

    • Deal listing
    • Payment collection
    • Lead and customer listing pages
    • Visit listing page

    6. Now 'Job ID' is included in the form export from the job module.

    7. Default master values (less than 10) will be listed on the app side.

    8. Form visibility restriction according to product has been introduced.

    9. Now maximum and minimum based restrictions can be set for additional field elements.

    10. Source-based filter has been introduced in the current pipeline report.

    11. Designation and user-based approver authority have been introduced in the approval module.


    1. Current pipeline report and export

    2. Stage analysis report and export

    3. FI report and export

    4. Adding lead

    5. Form master


    1. Form draft issue in the app is fixed.

    2. Customer not converting to a lead when customer progress is changed to any lead progress issue fixed.

    3. Validation has been introduced while deleting used field elements in payment collection.

    4. Due date issue fixed in payment collection.

  9. 3 January 2023



    1. Lead score can now be manually edited by users in both web and app.


    1. Visit status filter issue in app fixed.

    2. Document re-upload issue for rejected documents fixed.

    3. Customer name and full name issue in visit fixed.

    4. Deal restriction based on stage and designation issues fixed.

  10. 28 December 2022


    New Features

    1. Integration

    • Now users can share forms in shorter URL's.

    2. Auto calculation builder in forms now supports conditional expressions such as AND & OR.

    3. Multiple documents attached to a product catalogue can now be viewed and downloaded from the app.

    4. The new 'Terms & Conditions' form element is visible in forms from the app.


    1. Branch Control


    1. Label issue in export file fixed.