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12 January 2023

New Feature

New Features

1. De-dupe feature has been introduced in both web and app with the additional option to configure it by choosing forms and fields with conditional checkers.

2. A new option has been introduced to force logout a user from the attendance module.

3. Now users can search for payment collections using 'Loan ID'.

4. The search functionality in the visit listing page has got some major enhancements.

5. New UI upgrades:

  • Deal listing
  • Payment collection
  • Lead and customer listing pages
  • Visit listing page

6. Now 'Job ID' is included in the form export from the job module.

7. Default master values (less than 10) will be listed on the app side.

8. Form visibility restriction according to product has been introduced.

9. Now maximum and minimum based restrictions can be set for additional field elements.

10. Source-based filter has been introduced in the current pipeline report.

11. Designation and user-based approver authority have been introduced in the approval module.


1. Current pipeline report and export

2. Stage analysis report and export

3. FI report and export

4. Adding lead

5. Form master


1. Form draft issue in the app is fixed.

2. Customer not converting to a lead when customer progress is changed to any lead progress issue fixed.

3. Validation has been introduced while deleting used field elements in payment collection.

4. Due date issue fixed in payment collection.