New updates and improvements to Toolyt

2 March 2023

New Feature

New Features

1. KYC verification has been upgraded on both web and app with the integration of Voter ID and Driving license verification.

2. Users can now see their 'along with' visits under the visit calendar.

3. Udhyam registration element introduced with validations in the form module.

4. User module has got a new design.

5. Masters now supports multi-selection.

6. Users can now bulk import deals.

7. Stage history data included in deal export.

8. Add or edit functionality in lead and customer now supports OTP verification.

9. Stage addition now restricts special characters and commas.

10. Contest (sales campaign) introduced to the overview tab in the app.


1. Document tab UI.

2. Documents view and edit pop-up UI.

3. Deselect functionality in the product.

4. Open map in the job edit page.

5. Image visibility in the broadcast.

6. Validations in documents.

7. Product listing in the app.

8. Permanent and present address linking.

9. Deviation form filter.

10. Channel listing in the app.

11. Payment collection, value enter max limit.

12. Payment collection tab on the profile page.

13. Lead and customer listing UI.

14. Lead profile UI.

15. User mandatory level 1 'assign to'.