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23 March 2023

New Feature

New Features

1. A new module 'Campaign' has been introduced. Now users can create sales campaigns and then link leads to campaigns, and analyse performance by campaign

2. A new leaderboard comparison feature has been introduced, now managers can compare users' performance under them.

3. Hot, warm and cold indications are now introduced in the deal module on both the web and app.

4. Validation: Restrict minimum and maximum value selection in the dropdown.

5. Validation: Admin can now set up the value range in the number field element in the form module.

6. Document management is now linked with deal and customer modules.

7. Product details page changes in the app (more docs, Whatsapp share etc.).

8. The export of a driving license report has been brought based on designation with stage and date filters.

9. Users can now be tagged in a deal from the app.

10. Task listing page has got a new UI design.

11. Leaderboard has got a new UI.


1. Impersonate

2. Branch control distance calculation.

3. Customer module bookmark

4. 'Un-assigned' job filter in the job listing.

5. Duplicate job entries in the job profile.

6. Marking lost status of the lead.