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25 January 2023

New Feature

New Features

1. 'Request lists' has been introduced in approval module.

2. Payment data are now listed on the basis of privileges in app.

3. Payment module is now linked with deal module.

4. Customer ID is now included in the payment collection export file.

5. Payment now supports 'loan ID' wise search functionality in app.

6. 'Request Documents' introduced in lead profile in both web and app.

7. Addition of extra field elements is now implemented in the app.

8. Validation check for text field element introduced in app.

9. Payment lists sorting introduced with new relevance's (new to old, old to new and recently updated).


1. Show product in form settings.

2. General filled form visibility to a user with view access.

3. Deal fields restriction based on stage and designation.

4. Lead and customer new search option.

5. Disabled category functionality in document management.

6. Lead and customer listing in Payment export.

7. Lead listing design.

8. Date picker in document management.

9. Field wise restriction.

10. Deal bulk import.