New updates and improvements to Toolyt

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25 May 2023


New Features

1. For better data visibility 'hierarchy-based filter' introduced along with the option to select assigned users and the option to exclude shared data in the lead and customer modules.

2. Call logs linked with the deal module in the app.

3. Job ID is included on the job listing page.

4. Form ID display in deals.

5. Lead, customer and deal IDs are now included in the approval export.

6. Mandatory document upload setting based on the document stage has been introduced.


1. Form submission

2. Current pipeline report

3. Stage analysis report

4. Attendance

5. Form listing

6. Visit (Mobile app API)

7. General form list in the app

8. Form elements admin configuration

9. Job submission

10. Job notification

11. Parallel download restriction included in lead export, current pipeline and stage analysis report.


1. Visit module bookmark label.

2. Tag User field validation while adding or editing a job.

3. Pagination in the general form listing.

4. Duplication of custom field data.

5. Single upload restriction in document management.

6. CC user mandatory option in deviation.

7. Form privilege check during form exports.

8. Job-status selection.

9. Document management UI.