New updates and improvements to Toolyt

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26 April 2023


New Features

1. Form Title as a new element has been introduced in the form module.

2. Campaign module now includes a 'campaign report' feature. Users can now compare and contrast two campaigns.

3. Unsubscribe option for emails.

4. Document has been introduced in the deal and customer module.

5. Decimal value rounding feature has been introduced in the respective form element.

6. Two-way sync feature is introduced in document management.

7. The channel profile and the listing page have got a new design.

8. Recurring visits has got a new UI design.

9. Task listing has got a new design.

10. Distance value is now included in the branch export.

11. Now lead, customer and deal exports will contain branch value.

12. Subfield hiding option in DL and voter ID.

13. Option to verify name from voter ID and DL response.


1. Lead listing in document management filter.

2. Deal module bookmark label.

3. Document management fixes.

4. Bookmark filter in leads when the campaign module is enabled.

5. Document category selection in the filter while updating stage.

6. Search functionality for documents in the lead profile.

7. Submission of "Complete Job Form" without filling in mandatory details on the leads profile page.

8. Stage and designation add, edit and approve in deal form.

9. Restrict action on a form based on the deal stage and designation in the app.

10. Tag users dropdown listing while editing jobs.

11. Payment collection category and field issue.

12. Document approval and rejection messaging in documents, lead and deal profile.

13. Activities tab design in document management.

14. Document settings design.

15. Document stage workflow setting.

16. Stage update messaging in the activity tab.