New updates and improvements to Toolyt

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9 February 2023


New Features

1. Lead and deal stage restriction based on the approval stage.

2. Additional field elements will now be included in the form export.

3. Deal fields now support stage and designation-wise restrictions in the app.

4. Users can now tag deals in scheduled calls and call logs.

5. With better visibility document category selection has been shifted to the top of the filter selection.

6. Branch element now supports distance calculation based on branch and selected location in forms

7. Email notification has been introduced for job completion.

8. Job, deal and customer export now includes form values ID.

9. Notification is introduced when a visit is not completed within 1 hour of the scheduled time.

10. Now country code is included while adding lead and customer phone numbers.

11. Phone numbers can now be verified through OTP.

12. Form excel and pdf export contains level 1 and level 2 assigned users.


1. Lead export.

2. Approval export.


1. Document management.

2. Deal stage listing based on restriction while updating or reopening deals.

3. Request document pop-up design.

4. Search functionality label.

5. Job status listing while updating the job.

6. Job module design.

7. Deep linking to user profiles from deals.

8. Visit completion design.

9. Job-status restriction based on the designation.

10. Next action time and date visibility in deals - App.

11. Functioning of deal filter in the Visit module.

12. Display of branch in deal profile.

13. Redirection to a user profile based on user restriction.

14. Display of selected users when clicked on the assured box of the tagged user in jobs.